Mission & Vision


Borch Textile Group A / S markets light work and special clothing and other textile products for industrial laundries, health care, hotel and restaurant industry in Northern Europe. 


We must, with Northern Europe as a market, be the preferred B2B textile and garment enterprises, with a particular focus on knowledge, innovation, competitiveness, credibility and employee development.

The following should guide our company:

Goal: Employees, customers, suppliers and authorities should know that Borch is serious, credible and have high ethics

Service oriented: We must do our best to ensure that customer expectations are met.

Competent: The employees' competence level for the textiles and clothing to be on par with the best in the market. Competence in other areas should be sufficient to allow us to meet customer expectations

Leader of the market: We must be a leader in product development in our area

Functional: The products we offer to the market must be adapted and developed according to customer needs and with high quality.