2015: Borch Textile Group A / S got the majority in Jyden Wear A / S, this as part of our growth strategy with a desire to consolidate the industry and strengthen the Group within our core areas.

2013: Borch Textile Group A / S reinforced its structure so that the Family Mosegaard was joined by the private equity Industri Udvikling as major shareholder. The Industri Udvikling as a shareholder of the company has been a partner with extensive experience in helping small businesses to take the next step - ie strengthens its focus on the further professionalization. Industri Udvikling is not involved in the daily operation, but is a significant help in the strategic duties

2006: The company acquired the Swedish company Almedahls Alingsås AB, which was part of Almedahls Group. Almedahls market areas are industrial laundries, health care, hotel and restaurant industry.

2005: Borch Textile Group A / S bought the remaining shares of Sølvberg & Co. and at the same time, the company's name changed to Sølvberg Textile AS and the mission of the company was also revised so the market area was expanded to include laundries and hospitals in Norway.

2004: Establishment of production in Vietnam to meet the increasing demands at competitive prices.

2002:  The company acquired a majority holding in Sølvberg & Co., which primarly customers are hotels and restaurants in Norway. With this company Borch Textile Group A/S wanted to expand to other Nordic countries.

2001: Niels Mosegaard succession to his sons Michael and Ulrich Mosegaard. The generational change was completed in 2004. The two sons took over the last 75% of the shares. Niels Mosegaard continued as a partner for his sons and as Chairman of Borch Textile Holding ApS and Borch Textile Group A / S until 2013.

2001: Borch Textile Group A / S acquired the remaining shares in the company Borch Textile Poland.

2000: As part of a desire for transparency and preparation for geographic expansion, merged Kay Borch, Kabotex and Scanco-Textil to Borch Textile Group A / S.

1990: Kay Borch established production in Poland.

1990: Scanco-Textil ApS was established with focus on textiles imported from the Far East, for exampleTerry, kitchen towels, napkins and bed linen.

1984: Ole Kjær Knudsen passed away and Niels Mosegaard took over the company. Production of the company's apparel happened in Slagelse

1974: In order to complement the company's product range was Kabotex ApS established. Kabotex serviced hospital and commercial laundries with a combination of warehouse and customer goods produced in knitted fabrics

1972: The company was sold to Niels Mosegaard and his partner Ole Kjær Knudsen and changed name to Kay Borch's Eftf. I / S. CombinedTextiles was the future, so the two new directors had through product development, new and modern machinery and training of staff build up the company on the changed market condition

1946: Kay Borch was founded in 1946. The factory produced mainly clothing in 100% cotton to hospitals